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Got there feeling great with a new plan to try but I just wasn’t feeling it and couldn’t focus, felt really self concious today for some reason. Also even though it closes at 10, the people who work there were going around clearing up and standing around which was really off putting. 

Managed a quick 30min workout though, nothing to strenuous just some delt supersets & deadlifts. Pretty shit really but I will try my new routine out next week instead. Time to shower then get ready for bed :)

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So what advice would I give someone else in my position?

  • Take it slowly
  • Make a new plan and really try to list some realistic and achievable short and long term goals
  • Realise that good and bad days happen, it’s how you deal with those bad days that shape your good days
  • Focus on your accomplishments
  • Take time out to rest and nourish your body, catch up on sleep
  • Step out of your comfort zone and try a new workout regime or use a piece of equipment you’ve never tried before 
  • Don’t beat yourself up about it
  • Missing a few days of training isn’t the end of the world. You’re not training to be a fitness model or bikini champion so relax!
  • Sign up for some challenges, eg tough mudder, a 10k race.

My motivation is still pretty low. I can’t think of any goals I want to achieve other than lifting heavier & getting that physique I want but I don’t want it bad enough to get my ass up out the door every day. I miss having that passion for it like I did before. I just feel so run down recently and my heart just isn’t in the workouts, I’m not pushing myself or getting that buzz from a workout. I’m also freaking out a bit because I’m going to be on placement for 10 weeks soon which means 5am starts and 7pm finish. On top of studying and reading and working at weekends I think getting to the gym in the evenings is going to be really hard. And to top it all off I’m worried about money at the moment, stressed about going back to uni (hello anxiety) and just really lonely- Chris doesn’t understand these things. He doesn’t even read or reply to my messages any more when I even mention feeling down or anything about the gym or how I’m feeling.

Before, I couldn’t even imagine skipping a workout but recently I’d rather just stay in bed eating brownies and sulking. I haven’t been overtraining either, if anything I’ve been seriously under training and having 3 rest days a week.

Having a training partner would really help but I don’t know anyone in to lifting who lives near me. 

Sorry for the negativity. Sometimes I wish I could take all my own advice!


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