Leaving for London tomorrow, then getting the ferry to France, driving to Germany then WACKEN!!!!!! Ahhhh I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll try to set up a queue later, but I won’t be back until next Monday so I’ll sort out my inbox then. I also won’t be working out all week and eating lots of festival food, I’m looking forward to relaxing though and not worrying about anything for a week! And a break is always good anyway to let your body recover. I will try not to drink too much but I can’t make any promises!

Just a quick leg workout today: 


A: Leg curl 3 x 10

Leg extensions 3 x 10

B: barbell lunge 3 x 20

Dumbell sumo squat 3 x 20

Regular sets:

  • Stiff leg Deadlifts 3 x 10

  • Split squat 3 x 10

  • Glute kickback machine thing 2 x 10 each leg

  • Leg press – heavy as poss- til failure


How can you tell someone “ok then you have a valid opinion”. Opinions aren’t valid or invalid- they are opinions! Some may be unreasonable, some unfair and you may disagree but it is still valid to that person. 

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2 days ago

For almost a year now I have been training my friend- making her gym schedules, pushing her through workouts etc, for her to just not show any enthusiasm, no thanks, no effort to push herself. She’s piled on all the weight she lost with me (2 stone) and wants to get back in to gymming so I’ve been gently trying to push her. Made her a new plan, gave her so much advice regarding diet. I ask her if she wants to come to the gym with me etc “I dunno” “I’ll think about it”. What is there to think about?! If you want to lose the weight you have to work for it.

I cannot be bothered any more. I’m done. I know a lot of people who I speak to online who would love to have me kicking their asses & making them schedules, for free. The problem is she just hasn’t fallen in love with fitness. There’s no spark there, no enthusiasm. She just goes home and eats junk food. It’s infuriating and I am fed up with it now. She’s on her own. 

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