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Helping you live a healthy, fit and fab lifestyle ^_^

I'm Holly, I'm 24 and live in the UK. I'm currently at university studying to become an Occupational Therapist, and I'm hoping to specialise in mental heath. I am a healthcare assistant as well, so I'm constantly juggling work, studies and fitness!

I love kettlebells, lifting, coffee, green tea, rats, rabbits & running. I've been on this journey since June 2012 and I've lost 30lbs and lots of inches, going from a UK size 12-14 to a size 10, overcoming depression and social anxiety disorder along the way. I now want to inspire others to take control of their lives and start building healthier, happier futures.

Instagram: hollylouisa_c

Twitter: squatsandsalad

Leg day has seriously destroyed me today. Did something a bit different today and used the cable machine thingy for some bits and bobs, then did lots of squats and deadlifts and bits on the machines, 1 hour of non stop moving! 

I have to go in to uni this afternoon to finish off some work and the only thing giving me any incentive to move right now is the thought of a latte from Costa along the way. Mmmm.

Anonymous: Can you lose 10 pounds in a month without exercise and eating clean?

Do you mean without exercise and by just eating clean?

You can, but why would you not want to exercise?? It clears the mind and produces endorphins, alleviating depression and anxiety. It boosts your self esteem, gives you a fantastic arse, aids digestion, clears your skin, improves your posture, gives you that sleek, toned physique healthy eating alone will not give you, improves your bone health, keeps your heart healthy, strengthens your muscles…. do I need to go on?

Also by working out you have incentive to eat clean to nourish your body after a workout with delicious, fresh food that will aid recovery.


Please join my group & feel free to discuss all things fitness & health related :D